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Olivier Dubois

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Choreography: Olivier Dubois
Assistant Choreographer: Cyril Accorsi
Music: Fraicois Caffenne, Richard Wagner WWV 93 in A flat major
Lighting: Patrick Riou
Work created on 28th August 2013 for the Ballet National de Marseille

"A lament, the mourning cry of an angel – such a melancholic being, "most realistic guardian/keeper of the invisible". This is the experience of creation.... I – damaged (mutilated) !
Taming this dark magma (confusion). Nothing. Hollowness ( emptiness) or barbaric survival, I am the victim of my own knife. I open the wound and watch my world become overwhelmed.
I am the Angel that is created, churned out, knocked over, swallowed up by this night which spreads its darkness over everything. I can see it there like an attempt at a dialogue in survival, a reprieve...such is the dizziness of an insane horizon, out of alignment, the artist is confronted with his own mortality, with the finite nature of human existence."
Olivier Dubois

The choreographer summons to the stage a solitary, semi-nude being, in a chiaroscuro that calls to mind the works of the romanticist artists such as Caspar Friedrich or Goya, thus allowing the power of imagination and dreams to unfold. Confronted by angels of the deep, these barely visible dancers, dressed in black and who appear and dissappear, threaten or carry him. The solitary silhouette crawls, fights, twists, seems to fly, emerges from the night then is drowned back into subliminal images. In this living tableau, movement is punctuated by the deeply resonant electronic score of François Caffenne where he mixes storm and rain soundscapes, before finally blending in a moment of tranquility to the accompaniment of an excerpt of Richard Wagner's "Elegy" for piano. Olivier Dubois thus sets the individual against another force: hell, the void, human chaos which he has to tame just as the work tames him, allowing him, little by little, to see the shapes in the darkness.
With "Élégie" Olivier Dubois produces a powerful work, a melancholic and hypnotic piece which seems, once again, to say that the strength of humanity is its power to fight back against the overwhelming forces of darkness by continually coming alive again in rebellious revolt.


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