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Roy Assaf

Six Years Later photo Thomas Florestan-05

Choreography: Roy Assaf
Costumes: Marion Schmid
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Marmalade
Lighting: Alexandre Bryand
Entered the repertoire on 21st March 2014, Salle des Eaux-Vives, Geneva

Created in 2011, the duet "Six Years Later" by choreographer Roy Assaf has been hailed by critics and audience alike who have been entranced by the emotional richness which it exudes.

The duet is based on Beethoven's famous Moonlight Sonata and cleverly manages to avoid any clichés. The work paints a touching portrait of a partnership without power of control or manipulation. Based on a consistent physical contact, "Six Years Later" creates an intimacy between two people who share the same vulnerability.

"Six Years Later" reveals an exceptional cinematic synergy based on two bodies sharing the same mind. The stage is filled with the magical charm of the beauty, subtlety, intricate and revealing movement of the work.


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