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DO US APART - Andonis Foniadakis

webphoto gregory batardon 50A9547

Choreography: Andonis Fondiadakis
Costumes: Marion Schmidt
Lighting: Marc Gaillard
Music: Diamanda Galas

In Do us apart, set to music by the brilliant fury Diamanda Galas, Foniadakis shows us a dying throng who, in a last gasp of humanity, seem to try and make sharing and love burst forth.

"A work that sits between heaven and earth, its taut structure highlights the dancers, all of whom wear skirts, whether male or female. In movements along the ground, or towards the wings, here is an uninterrupted dance chorale which knows how to manage its entrances and exits. Foniadakis has dramatic and scenic talent and if his desire is to choreograph one cannot but agree with him as one watches this work of unending exhilarating movement." Marie-Christine Vernay, Liberation (writing about Selon Désir)

Foniadakis' style is characterised by the energy, power and physical force of his dancers as they appear to become raging madmen. Whether dancing alone or in groups the dancers are often gripped by an unyielding frenetic style which makes them twirl and swirl and fall, rolling on the ground, often in unison. Their limbs are never still causing their long flowing hair and the shirts and skirts that they all wear, to become tangled in their movements. The perceived anarchy is shown in the repeated phrases of movement and choreographic sequences which are also repeated several times.



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