MAY B (excerpt)

Maguy Marin

may b maguy marin
First staged in 1981, "May B" overturns everything you thought you knew about contemporary dance. It's like an explosion whose shock waves have never stopped.
Inspired by Samuel Beckett writting, "May B" is imbued with the drama, the sense of humour and the saving cynicism that are the author's trademarks. 36 years after its creation, Maguy Marin's piece has become one of contemporary dance's most emblematic works, the world over and has made an impression on the history of the performing arts by its poignant power. To the music of Franz Schubert, Gilles de Binche, the dancers collide and circulate in packs and mobs.
Reconciling dance and drama, the performers act out the comedy about the impossibility of living together whilst navigating around the tragic incapacity of staying alone. One of Maguy Marin's key works from her repertoire, "May B" has toured round the world, surprising audiences who are both taken by laughter, as well as overwhelmed by the power of this revolutionary dance-theatre. Combining gut-feeling choreography, dramatic setting and breathtaking visual work, the piece still shines audaciously.